ENJO Consultants is accredited with theETDP SETA to offer the ODETDP qualifications to view further information read below.

First of all the ODETDP programmes offered by can either be done a a full qualification, part qualification or per module adding value to your current qualification.

The NC: ODETDP (Level 4) is a one year programme and the NC: ODETDP (Level 5) is a one year programme and ND: ODETDP (Level 5) is a two year programme, and also NC: ODETDP (Level 6) is a one year programme. Modules are presented over a 5 day session one week a month. By being accredited with the ETDP SETA this ensures that you receive training of a high quality.

Since the training is of a modular structure you can commence on the programme at any stage. So this gives the student the flexibility to commence when it suites term best.

Therefore when completing the full qualification the you will be awarded the relevant certificate from the ETDP SETA.

Furthermore the ODETP training programme is ideal for those who wish to gain further knowledge in the Training Industry

In conclusion to get a comprehensive break down the programme click on the link below.